Quarantine started for us early March 2020. The island of Puerto Rico I have to admit took very seriously the threat of COVID-19. We were told to start social distancing, local spots and restaurants are closed to dine in, delivery and pick-up are available thus making the quarantine a little bit less uncomfortable. However this new novel virus I believe it will change our lives forever. The new norm will be to be more careful, in anything we do as a race….

I have always seen human beings to think of themselves as invincible. However we easily forget we are animals, and we are just a small part of something bigger than ourselves. We need to start living responsibly… we need to think of our future, of protecting nature and balancing our footprint. Many may say the coronavirus is man made, but in reality its a natural virus. And it just took a few days to for nature to heal and clean the water in the Venice canals, clean the air in Delhi, India, pollution next to zero in China, and even the city that never sleeps New York…

We are smart, we can learn how to co-exist.

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